San Antonio Church (2)

Launching Out, Building Hope

The vision of Ministry House of Restoration San Antonio Church is to launch disciples throughout the United States. Our overall mission is Kingdom building in the name of Jesus Christ. The purpose becomes a reality when all phases of our programs have been completed. Pastor Davis and Felicia Oakley started their ministry journey with MHORSC. They remained dedicated to the mission and launched out to El Paso, Texas, to begin saving souls at Live N Proof Restoration Ministries. 


We provide an atmosphere that encourages recovery and restoration. Our ministry provides the following programs:

  • Drug & Alcohol Programs
  • Transitional & Sober Living
  • Men’s & Women’s Homes
  • Mental Wellness Classes
  • Homeless Outreach

Our goal is to provide a cognitive and caring environment in which a healing platform enables dedicated individuals to achieve recovery and positive life changes by building a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Transitional Housing

  • Men’s and Women’s Transitional Homes are 90-day to two-year programs in which participants seek employment after completing training. They acquire an understanding of opening and maintaining a checking/savings account and how to apply for credit to obtain a vehicle.
  • Individuals study to become pastors, ministers, and administrators of their congregation in a two to five-year discipleship program.

Sober Independent Living is a program designed to assist those who have been released from jail or other treatment facilities and wish to maintain sobriety.

Our ministry programs assist people in returning to sober, independent living with their families and for their families to recognize that substance abusers face mental health difficulties.


We created an easy way to contribute via PayPal. Your donation can help support individuals willing to make positive life changes.

We strive to reach out to individuals who are suffering from drug & alcohol dependence. 

We are a faith-based 501 c3 non-profit organization.